Eva High School Alumni Association Eagle's Nest Courtyard
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Sunday, September 11, 2016
Marketing Blitz Begins for Pavers for Final Phase of "Eagle's Nest" Courtyard

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Members of the Class of 1972, in conjunction with the Eva High School Alumni Association, have a dream. We envision “The Eagle’s Nest” as a beautiful, commemorative courtyard constructed of personalized, name-engraved bricks, which will forever honor you, your classmates, teachers, and events, and recall those special years at Eva while providing a place for the school, alumni, and community to visit and reflect on days gone by through the memory of those recalled.

You are a part of this proud collective memory, and now you can become part of this memorial. Indeed, the living memorial we envision will remain incomplete until you do.  Complete the order form now to purchase your personal, name-engraved brick! Order your bricks today so that in a permanent way, alongside your classmates, you will be remembered, a beloved teacher will be honored, a lost friend might be memorialized. For questions or for more information, please call or e-mail Jo Anne Lindley at: (205) 563-3290 or joanne7654@gmail.com

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